Do I Need a Home Inspection?

When buying a home, having a home inspection done by a licensed inspector is a crucial step of the process. During the height of the pandemic, approximately 30% of buyers were waiving their right to a property inspection in an effort to make their offers more attractive. This is a choice that could prove costly, as the inspection could reveal the need for major repairs or further evaluation of big ticket items like foundations and roofs!

Sellers… a home inspection might not be a bad idea for you either. Getting a home inspection may identify problem issues you can get addressed before you list your house for sale; as opposed to having them surface when a buyer has one done… and potentially jeopardize the sale!

What happens during a home inspection? A licensed home inspector is trained to look a hundreds and hundreds of home features that could fall into disrepair. The inspection should take several hours to complete. Once finished, the inspector will compile a report of their findings on the homes condition. This report will include pictures of problem areas found. Typically, the inspector won’t comment on anything cosmetic/aesthetic… unless it might be indicative of a larger problem (like stains in the ceiling that could indicate a roof leak).

What are the categories of a home inspection? While it can vary by state, in Texas, the categories are:

• Structural Systems
• Electrical Systems
• Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)
• Plumbing Systems
• Appliances
• Optional Systems (i.e. sprinklers, pools/spas, outbuildings, etc.)

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