Things Home Buyers Do That Can Cause a Seller to not Accept Their Offer

When you make an offer to buy a house, it stands to reason that you want it to be accepted. Here are some things home buyers do that can cause a seller to not accept their offer:

😠 Low-Ball Offer – Quite possibly the number one rule is don’t p!ss-off the seller, and nothing does that quite as much as the low-ball offer.

☚ī¸ Asking For Too Much of a Seller Concession – This is essentially the same as a low-ball offer. It may not technically lower the contract price, but the amount comes right off the seller’s sale proceed.

đŸ˜Ģ Including a Contingency to Sell Another House – This requires the seller to take their home off the market while the same of your other house (completely out of their control), is completed.

đŸĢ¤ Being Inflexible on the Closing Date – Both the buyer and the seller have will often have specific timing requirements and/or constraints.

😤 Asking for Too Many of the Seller’s Personal Possessions to be Included – Keep in mind that as a Buyer, you don’t know the story or the degree of personal attachment what you’re asking for has with the Seller. For example, that rug you’re asking for could have been inherited from a deceased loved one. Don’t be greedy!

🤐 Not Responding to a Counter-Offer – When the seller makes a counteroffer, technically, they have rejected your offer. At that point, the only offer that exists is the counter that the seller has made. The ball is now in the buyer’s court to accept, decline, or counter back. Don’t make the seller feel like you’re playing games. Respond timely.

😡 Making Ultimatums – It’s called a negotiation for a reason. The ” my way or the highway” approach is almost never a recipe for a successful one and will often result in the seller taking the highway.

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