As Your Real Estate Agent, How I Help to Market Your House

As your agent, it’s my job to make sure your house stands out. Here are some of the most common methods real estate agents use to market homes according to a report from the National Association of Realtors (see graph below):

Here’s how can you benefit from my using these methods?1

  • Listing on the MLS – By listing your house on the MLS, with professional photography, it will get more visibility from other real estate agents and buyers. This could lead to more traffic, which could ultimately help you see an increase in offers and ultimately a better price.
  • Using a Yard Sign – A yard sign catches the eye of people driving or walking by. This method drums up local interest since people who live nearby might have friends or family looking to move into the area. It also prominently displays your agent’s contact information, so interested buyers can get in touch easily.
  • Having an Open House – When I advertise and host your open house, buyers see others are interested in your house, too. This competition can lead to stronger offers. An open house is also easier for you since you only need to leave once for many buyers to visit. Plus, I may get useful feedback on what people like or don’t like, which can help you make improvements to attract more buyers later, if needed.
  • Showcasing on Your Agent’s Website – Having your house visible on my website allows for a professional presentation of your property. Additionally, people visiting my website are more likely to be serious buyers who are ready to make a move.
  • Social Networking – I work hard to have a wide-ranging social media presence. Marketing your house this way allows me to reach a large audience. It also makes it easy for people to share your listing with friends and loved ones who might be interested.
  • Providing Virtual Tours – Virtual tours are extremely convenient for buyers, especially those who are relocating from out of town. This method allows them to tour anytime, day or night. I always use this technology to market your house.
  • Email and Direct Mail Marketing – I leverage email and direct mail marketing to sell your house effectively. Email campaigns allow me to reach potential buyers instantly, sharing property details, virtual tours, and open house invitations. Meanwhile, direct mail (such as postcards or brochures) helps me target local prospects, showcasing your home’s listing and highlighting its unique features. These strategies maximize your properties exposure.
  • Staging – With my experience as both a realtor and a house flipper, I will advise you on staging your house. This showcasing of the house inside and out includes decluttering, normalizing, needed repairs & maintenance, and cleaning. Click here to view my videos on staging!

As your agent, I’ll utilize all these tools to effectively market your house. As NerdWallet sums up:

A good real estate agent will have a robust plan to promote your listing in an effort to find the right pool of buyers. Adding your home to databases of available homes called multiple listing services (MLS), open houses, 3D virtual tours, professional photography and broker tours for buyers’ agents (particularly for luxury homes) are all factors that may go into a marketing plan.

When it comes to marketing your house, working with a pro has tons of benefits. If you’re ready to sell, but don’t know where to start, connect with me today!

  1. Keeping Current Matters ↩︎

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