Can a Front Door Color Help Your House Sell for More?

#1 Black – According to Angi’s List, black is the top trending color across 17 states. In another survey, a black front door raked in the highest offer price! Per this survey, on average, the prospective buyers said they’d pay $6,449 more for a home that had this bold, statement-making color. 😲🤑 Now, before everyone goes out and spends $50 on black paint for their front door, thinking they’ll get $6,000 in return upon sale of their home… I’m fairly confident that the survey results were that homes with a black front door sold for $6,449 more than those that did not – not that home buyers would pay $6,449 for a black front door! Keep in mind, that all those houses were definitely not identical, which means that other differing aspects undoubtedly played a role. For example, black is most definitely a more current, modern, and trending front door color. So, it makes sense that those homes may have been newer, and that drove a good portion of higher sale amount. All that being said… black has probably been the hottest front door color in 2023!

#2 Slate Blue – In that survey, slate blue also appealed to many of the prospective home buyers. Most of the survey participants said they’d buy a home with a slate blue front door and that they’d pay roughly $1,537 more for it. 😍 (same comments on this dollar amount as for the black door color above!)

#4 Navy Blue – Another moody color in the survey that respondents loved in addition to forest green? Bold navy blue. 😏

#5 Mid-Tone Brown – Although not one I would recommend to my clients, mid-tone brown ranked 5th! 🤮🤣

#6 White – Most experts agree that white is an excellent paint choice for a front door. Like black, it may need to be cleaned frequently, but it’s a neutral color, and that makes it easy for buyers to see themselves living with. 😉

#7 Mid-Tone Gray – This one can be tricky. There are so many (as they say) shades of gray. Picking the one that fits your home, without for example, looking like cement, can be a bit of a challenge. 🤔

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