Is Your Home Ready for a Springtime Sale Listing?

If you’re reading this and it’s February or early March, then the first day of spring right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to start preparing your home to shine when the busiest period in the real estate market arrives. If your farther into the year… all these things still pretty much apply! 😉

Make a Good First Impression

It’s the first thing buyers see when they arrive at the house, so start early and get the yard ship-shape! Not only does a well-maintained yard make your house more visually attractive, but it also demonstrates to buyers that the home has been well taken care of.

Decluttering and Organizing

Let’s face it. Our homes fill up with “stuff” over time. Too much “stuff” can make a home feel smaller… and that goes for knick-knacks as well as furniture. It is amazing how cleaning the floor of a walk-in closet will make if feel like it has so much more space!

Organizing isn’t just putting things in a logical order and in appropriate rooms, but it can also mean returning rooms to their originally intended purpose. So, that extra bedroom that you’ve commandeered and are using as a gym, office, or storage closet, should be returned to being a bedroom.

Deep Cleaning!

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, so it stands to reason that those areas should be very thoroughly cleaned. Have you ever pulled out your range and looked at what has accumulated on the sides and behind it? During a buyer’s home inspection, that buyers are encouraged to attend, the inspector is going to pull out that range when they check for the anti-tipping device. You don’t want them seeing that gross-ness! 😱

Beyond kitchens and bathrooms, deep-cleaning really applies to the entire house – inside and out. Steam clean carpets. Pressure wash the exterior walks, patios, and garage floor. Etc. You can see why starting early might be wise. 😉

Tackle Needed Repairs and Deferred Maintenance

When selling a home, many will face what I call “needed repairs”. As a house flipper, when I go to look at a house as a potential project, this first things I scrutinize are referred to as the “Big-5”. Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Roof, and Foundation. I look at these first because they are typically the most expensive to repair, and any buyer’s agent worth their salt, will be looking for deficiencies in these areas as best they can, and advising their clients. Spotting these kinds of deficiencies in a property is something I’ve gotten pretty good at through my house flipping activities. My clients have found this to be valuable in both house selling and house buying. But it’s not all just about the Big-5. Many homes have deferred maintenance. Those trim boards whose painting has been put off… and put off, may have led to wood rot. That rot, leads to penetrations which could lead to, amongst other things, insects and rodents getting in. Best to get a jump on these things. If not repaired, it could discourage buyers, or worse yet, for a buyer that’s made you an offer, keep their lender from approving their financing! 😩

Work With Me to Sell Your House!

As your agent, I partner with you to minimize the stress of selling your house. I can provide you with guidance, tips, and advice on all of the areas above… helping you to put your home’s best foot forward! Connect with me and let’s talk about how to best get started preparing your house to sell this spring. 📲🤙📧

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