Community Heroes Rewards Program

I am so proud to recognize members of our military, first responders, and teachers by participating in this program. During COVID, there was so much love and appreciation for these dedicated folks, and I want to ensure that appreciation stays front and center! WHAT IS THE PROGRAM? It is really simple. If you are an… Continue reading Community Heroes Rewards Program

Do I Need a Home Inspection?

When buying a home, having a home inspection done by a licensed inspector is a crucial step of the process. During the height of the pandemic, approximately 30% of buyers were waiving their right to a property inspection in an effort to make their offers more attractive. This is a choice that could prove costly,… Continue reading Do I Need a Home Inspection?

Water Conservation

Summer months in Texas are not only typically very hot, but also very dry. Water districts have varying degrees or “stages” of water restriction protocols to combat this. It falls on each one of us to help conserve water. Here are some things that can help: Outside: Inside:

Home Inspections

A home inspection is a visual exam of the structure and systems of a house. It details problems with the property and if they’re serious enough to prevent a sale. The three main points of an inspection are physical condition, items in need of repair or replacement, and the remaining useful life of major systems.… Continue reading Home Inspections

Credit Scores Demystified

If you’ve made a resolution this year to get your credit on track, getting started can feel a bit daunting. After all, it can sometimes seem as if credit agencies want to keep you in the dark about how scores are calculated. Not to worry – with some diligence on your part and a little… Continue reading Credit Scores Demystified